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Sharpening while you shop at the 2024 Tower Grove Farmers' Market
April 6th - November 2nd

*we will not be at the TGFM September 7th

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What clients are saying

I do a TON of food prep! After Jansen Sharpening took care of my favorite chef’s knife, my prep work became much quicker and much more enjoyable.

Amber R.

I had not had my knives or scissors sharpened since I got married nine years ago. They were very dull! After the Jansens sharpened my knives and scissors, they became much easier to use. I used to dread chopping vegetables – now I enjoy it!

Heather S.

I was most pleased with the service I received from Jansen Sharpening. Working with sharp knives again makes food preparation much more enjoyable. Thanks again!

Anne V.

My knives are scary sharp! Nice job, Seth and Maria.


Jansen Sharpening offered speedy turnaround and skilled artisan services that renewed our dull, mid-life collection of knives and scissors. We highly recommend them!

Mark G.

The professional sharpening job is lasting a lot longer than what I get from the little knife sharpener I have at home.

Amber R.

Great price, great customer service and quality job!

Vince V.

It was my first time bringing you my knives, but it will certainly not be my last. Thank you!

Always helpful and encouraging. Very professional and quality sharpening services.

My knife is like brand new!

You guys got my knives way sharper than some other stores I've been to. Thanks!

The US Army bayonet was sharpest it had been since the great war.

My knives were perfectly sharp, and I had a great customer experience. Will definitely return!

The razor-sharp, even edge that you put on everything was such a delight when we opened the box.

Thank you so much for making it easy. Our knives are now so sharp! You have created new regular customers. 

This was the first time we had availed ourselves of your service. It was quick, friendly and highly satisfactory. We definitely will be returning for our future sharpening needs. Thank you.

The edge is fantastically sharp, thanks so much! It was a lot of fun slicing vegetables this evening :)

I have a little at-home sharpener in my kitchen drawer, but it doesn't even begin to compare to the professional job done here. 

My chef's knife easily slipped through every piece of dinner prep like it was brand new again - a sharp knife saves so much time. 

What's more convenient than having your knives sharpened while you enjoy the farmer's market? 

 The prices were reasonable and the turn-around time was better than expected. All in all, a great value!,

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