Closeup of Demetrius.My name is Demetrius...

I am the dedicated owner and custodian of Jansen Sharpening. As a passionate enthusiast of the culinary arts and a connoisseur of fine cutlery, I intend to preserve the legacy and craftsmanship of Jansen Sharpening.

Upon acquiring the business, I made it my mission to honor the time-tested traditions that have made Jansen Sharpening a trusted name in the industry. With a deep appreciation for the art of knife sharpening, I am committed to continuing the high standards of excellence that customers have come to expect.

Sharp knives are the cornerstone of any kitchen and are essential for both the joy of cooking and ensuring safety. With a dedication to quality and a commitment to preserving the legacy of Jansen Sharpening, I look forward to taking the business into the future.

Jansen Sharpening remains the premier destination for professional knife sharpening services in St. Louis. Whether you're a professional chef, a home cook, or anyone who values the precision and reliability of sharp knives, you can trust that we at Jansen Sharpening will continue to be the trusted source for all your knife sharpening needs. Join us on this exciting journey as we preserve tradition and embrace innovation in the world of cutlery.

See when I'm sharpening!

The Team

Demetrius and Lucia at Tower Grove Park.

This is us. We love being the Jansen Sharpening team! From running the overall operation to processing orders, we all do our part to bring you the delight of sharp and durable edges on your knives, scissors and tools. We look forward to meeting you!

Where to find us

Demetrius sharpening at Tower Grove Park.

Tower Grove Farmer's Market 
Tower Grove Park
Saturdays 8am-12:30pm
April 6th - November 2nd, 2024

*no sharpening September 7th

Upcoming Events

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