Temporary Market Drop-Offs


  • Print & fill out the drop-off form. Be sure to choose either shipping back or picking up next week (Email us with any questions!)
  • Package items securely. We recommend wrapping them in dish towels and stowing them all in a box or reusable bag, but there are many ways you could do this! 
  • Make sure the form is in with your items or securely taped to the box/bag.


  • The market has moved back to the normal location, though vendors will be more spread out. See here for a visual/directions
  • Park roads are reopened, so you can park as close to the market as you can get.
  • Wear a mask and be aware of social distancing.
  • Find the market tent and give them your package.


  • By Monday afternoon/evening you should receive an invoice over email. Maria will contact you with any questions/clarifications about repairs, etc. before invoicing.
  • If you chose to have your items shipped, they will ship out Tuesday or Wednesday - after the invoice is paid online.
  • If you chose to pick up at the next Tower Grove Farmer's Market, pay online before arriving and pick up at the market tent.

The situation is fluid and we appreciate your patience and support as we all work through this!

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