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Work Sharp

Whether you're working in the kitchen, the garden or the shop, having sharp tools is essential for efficiency and optimal performance. 

See the pricing section for items we can sharpen. See below for care tips.

Care Tips

Keep clear of rocks or other solid objects that could damage the edges.

Adjusting: Make sure the tension is properly adjusted for your particular grass type. Reel mowers work like scissors - proper tension is imperative for optimal performance.

Maintenance: Store in a dry place. Wipe grass/dirt off blades after each use and spray with WD-40 or something similar that will protect from rust.

Damage Control: If there is a nick in the edge that folds towards the opposing blade (for shears, pruners, bypass tools), stop using immediately, as it can scrape against the flat of the opposing blade, causing permanent damage.

Maintenance: Carefully wipe off tools after each use and spray with WD-40 or something similar that will protect from rust.

Storage: Store bypass tools with blades closed. Store all tools in a dry place.

Reminder Service

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>>>  Pocket Knives (folding)
>>>  Kitchen Knives
$10+ >>>  Others

 Serrations add $2 
 Tip Repairs $3+


>>>  Kitchen or Sewing Scissors
>>>  Pinking Shears
$20 >>>  Beauty Shears - Beveled
$30 >>>  Beauty Shears - Convex

Tools & Specialty Items

>>>  Pruning Shears
$8 >>>  Loppers
>>>  Hedge/Grass Shears
>>>  Hatchets
>>>  Axes
$10+ >>>  Shovels
$10 >>>  Chisels
$10 >>>  Plane Irons
$15-25 >>>  Mower Blades
$40 >>>  Reel Mowers
$10 >>>  Food Processor Blades
$20+ >>>  Machetes
$15+ >>>  Daggers
$60+ >>>  Swords

*Prices listed apply to items with normal dulling. Repair charges may apply to damaged items or more complex models. Service charges may apply to items needing to be taken apart.

Contact us for pricing on items not listed

Mirror Finish on Chisel

Chisel Sharpening

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